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Why You Need A Website For Your Business – Top 12 Reasons

Top 12 Reasons – Why You Need a Website in 2020

Why you need a website in 2020 - Lead Funnel Local - Bringing more customers to local businesses through digital marketing and social media.
Why you need a website in 2020

Are you getting started with a brand new business or are you finally just getting around to getting on the old internet?

Have you heard that you need a funnel? or a website

Do you really need a website for your company?

I have 12 critical reasons Why You Need A Website in 2020 more than ever.

No, really if you are serious about your 2020 business and beyond, you need to get online and that is Why You Need A Website.

Before we look at the factors of Why You Need A Website, think about this

We are living in the digital world, any type of company owner now requires a website unless they are not interested in expanding their brand name or staying in business for that matter.

It has actually become 2nd nature for people to instantly google any business that they may be interested in buying from, working with and/or hiring.

A Business web site is not just about selling goods to the clients.

It is the store front of the 21st Century

But why?

Here are the 12 Reasons.


1: Customers expect it.

You are living in the 21st century and most of our lives have actually been digitized, we have moved online for almost everything we do.

Before doing business with anyone these days, people look to the internet and “google it“.

Truth be told, 6 out of 10 people learn about a company online, research a company  online and contact the company online and if you are not there then you lose.

So if your business doesn’t have an internet site, I advise you to get one because today’s tech savy customers will look in other places.

2.4 billion people are online on a daily basis, and a huge 90% of those have purchased something, or contacted a business, online in the last year.

So by not having Business website, you ARE losing out on a large piece of pie.

2: Your Business Will Certainly Gain Integrity.

People are searching online for reputable companies.

They are also searching for reviews on these companies

If you do not have your piece of real estate carved out on the internet and actively keeping it up to date more and more of your future and past customers are not going to find you and you will lose your integrity.

3: Cost-efficient Option.

Companies can spend thousands on print ads and other advertising materials. The problem with this is that 90% of it ends up in the recycle bin.

If the company is big enough it is just enforcing name recognition for those 3 seconds the consumer looks at the flyer and then tosses it into recycling.

As a new or small business owner you will go broke trying to take this approach.

You can now reach a much greater and highly targeted audience through the internet with organic and paid search with a very small budget.

4: Your Customers Can Remain Updated.

This is key, how many times have you drove to a business and it has moved or merged or closed all together.

Having an updated website and a good CRM system will keep your customers and clients informed and up to date on all aspects of your company.

And it costs you nothing extra.

5: Accessible Around the Clock.

Consumers are searching at all times of the day and when the kids go to sleep it is time for research for the next purchase.

If your competitor has a complete website with all the details of what that consumer is looking for guess who is getting the call the next day or even an email that night.

Yep, your website works 24/7/365 and that is what you want.

6: You’ll Appear In Google Search Engine Result.

You can’t show up in a search result without having a website and google loves up to date relevant websites the best.

One of the most important things we provide to our clients is a weekly or monthly article to continue to grow authority of web presence which in turn brings more and more organic traffic of hungry consumers looking for information on your products or service

7: Pinpoint and Target A Larger Audience.

Wth the correct Search Engine Optimization you can reach your exact audience wherever they may be living.

You can also target a much much larger audience than a flyer or brochure can ever reach.

Think about this…

Would you rather have 10 clients, consumers or customers that have found your info online and are contacting you with money in hand or sending a flyer out to 5,000 people and hoping that those 10 people even see it.

8: It Provides A Tool to Showcase Your Products and Work.

Showcasing what you do or having case studies is what people are looking for.

They are looking for ideas and solutions for their problems and here is where you can show them exactly why you are the solution to their problem.

9: Better Interaction With Clients and also Controlling the Story.

You get to control the narrative.

You are in charge of exactly how your future clients will interact with you.

This is key in growing your business and managing your business reputation online.

Just one bad review spreads 10 times faster and farther then 10 good reviews so being in charge of the communication flow is key.

10: Advertising.

There are so many ways to advertise online these days for little or no money at all.

So few people don’t realize how to capitalize on social media and with a few posts a week,¬† run a robust marketing campaign bringing in new prospects on a daily basis.

11: You Can Beat Your Competitors.

The internet has flattened the playing field for the little guy like never before.

You can create a robust web presence and beat your competition by simply adding more and more relevant content on a weekly or monthly timeline.

It only takes 30-50 well optimized articles to start ranking at the top of most industries online. So get started Now!

12: It will get you work.

Lastly, are you fed up with working under a controlling boss?

Well, you can now enjoy being your own boss by starting your very own business and also a company site.

More and more people are freelancing and consulting then ever before and you need a good relevant web presence to win those BIG clients that will pay you for years to come.

There you have it just a few reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Business in 202 more than ever before.

If you don’t know where to start or maybe have a business that need more customers but you are not sure how a website can help. Please Feel free to contact us and we will get started in the right direction.

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