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Top 10 reasons Business requires a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2020?

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Lead Funnel Local
Social Media Marketing Lead Funnel Local

Did you realize that 32% of local companies report social media marketing as being the most challenging marketing system to implement and master?

There is no secret that many social media channels have had a big impact on how small and large local brands connect with clients/customers.

But today, even a decade following the creation of the first Facebook page (business), 38% of local small businesses have not created a presence on social media. And the local businesses that cite social media as the platform where they have the most difficulty implementing and agree that they need the most assistance.

So, why does social media marketing trip up so many Local Businesses?

The fact is, there is still a large gap between how local businesses are utilizing social media marketing and how they should be utilizing digital platforms. 

If you can get the methods behind what drives the various platforms, which goals your business can reach, how to track success, local businesses will have the ability to come up with a strategy that reaches beyond the influence of your business beyond the Facebook feed in a way that generates results. 

Creating Your Local Small Business Social Media Marketing Strategy

Now, you may be shuttered by the thought of having to create exactly how you are going to use social media to grow and sustain your local business, but creating a written social media marketing strategy is the first step in working on these platforms.

As with all social media marketing activities, you’ll need to define your goals and budget before you launch into your new strategy.

Unfortunately, social media is not clear-cut. If you put in an amount of $$ $’s (or time), you can not be guaranteed to get a positive ROI on your investment.

It comes with more complexity.

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In social media marketing, the input (time or money – we’ll call it “X“) will generate a positive outcome (clicks, for example – we’ll call this “Y“).

If you are aligned with your goals, expectations, and have a solid strategy, you have a higher probability that the (Investment) converts into more (clicks).

Other variables can also impact the results and can be tough to define and/or control. Things like:

  • Brand value
  • The industry you are in
  • Determining if your product/service is innovative or exciting
  • Your relationship with your customers/audience
  • Budget
  • Your Associates

All of that being said, if you are able to generate enough investment (Y) and – assuming you have considered all of the variables appropriately – eventually, you will be able to see a rise in clicks (X).

This brings us back to setting Social Media Marketing goals.

In setting goals prior to implementation, it is easier to measure the success or failure of your strategy.

It’s also worth mentioning that realistic goals for social media aren’t always built around immediate ROI (as we alluded to earlier).

Most social media marketing is about a combination of engagement, brand awareness, and providing value to your audience (Y things) rather than direct revenue – which is more about the tracked sales of your products and services (X things).

The following is a list of the top 10 reasons your local business needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  1. You’re directionless
  2. You will not know your online audience or market share.
  3. Existing and start-up competitors will get market share
  4. You do not have an effective online value proposal
  5. You don’t know your online clients well enough
  6. You’re not incorporated.
  7. You do not have an appropriate support staff or budget for Social Media Marketing Activities.
  8. You’re losing cash and time through duplication.
  9. You’ are not agile enough to catch up or remain ahead.
  10. You’re not enhancing.

You’re directionless

I find that business without a Social Media Marketing strategy (and lots of that do) don’t have a clear strategic objective for what they want to achieve online in regards to acquiring brand-new consumers or developing much deeper relationships with existing ones. And if you do not have goals with social media marketing objectives, you likely don’t put enough resources to reach the objectives, and you do not examine the analytics to see whether you’re accomplishing those goals.

You will not know your online audience or market share.

Consumer demand for online services may be undervalued if you “singularly” researched this topic. Perhaps, more notably, you will not understand your online marketplace: the dynamics will be different from conventional channels with various types of client profiles and behaviors, competitors, propositions, and choices for marketing communications.

Existing and start-up competitors will get market share

If you’re not committing enough resources to a social media marketing or you’re utilizing an ad-hoc method with no clearly specified strategy, then your rivals will overtake your digital real estate!

You do not have an effective online value proposal

A plainly specified online customer worth proposal customized to your various target consumer personalities will assist you in distinguishing your online service encouraging existing and new customers to engage at first and remain devoted. 

Establishing a competitive content marketing method is crucial to this for companies because the content is what engages your audiences through various channels like search, social, email marketing, and on your blog.

You don’t know your online clients well enough

It’s frequently said that digital is the “most quantifiable medium ever.” But Google Analytics and comparable will only inform you of numbers of visitors, not the actions that are taken, what they believe. You are required to use other forms of site user feedback tools to recognize your weaknesses and resolve them.

You’re not incorporated.

It’s all too typical for digital marketing activities to be completed in silos, whether that’s a specialist digital online marketer, sitting in IT, or a different digital agency. It’s simpler that way to package digital marketing into a convenient piece. But obviously, it’s less effective.  

We always suggest establishing an incorporated social media marketing technique, and after you have incorporated your social media marketing plan, it will become another marketing arm utilized to build your online presence.

You do not have an appropriate support staff or budget for Social Media Marketing Activities.

Insufficient resources will be committed to both planning and carrying out, and there is likely to be a lack of particular professional Social Media Marketing abilities, which will make it hard to react to competitive challenges effectively.

You’re losing cash and time through duplication.

Even if you do have sufficient resources, it might be lost. This is especially the case in bigger companies where you see different parts of the marketing branch purchasing different tools or using different agencies for carrying out comparable online marketing jobs.

You’ are not agile enough to catch up or remain ahead.

If you take a look at the top online brand names like Amazon, Dell, Google, Tesco, Zappos, they’re all dynamic – trailing brand-new techniques to get or keep their online audiences via social media marketing has become these industry leaders top marketing priorities.

You’re not enhancing.

Every company with a website will have analytics, but lots of senior managers don’t guarantee that their teams make or have the time to review and act upon them. When a strategy enables you to get the essentials right, then you can progress to the constant growth of the crucial elements like posting methods, user experience, timing, etc. So that’s our top 10 issues that can be avoided with a well put together social media marketing strategy.

So, the bright side is that there are strong marketing indicators for local businesses to create a solid social media marketing plan and growing your digital presence. 


There is likewise now a lot of examples from how other businesses have effectively incorporated social media marketing into their activities that can be easily cloned into your own Social Media Marketing footprint.

If you don’t know where to start or maybe have a business that need more customers but you are not sure how social media marketing can help. Please Feel free to contact us and we will get started in the right direction.

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